News of 2016

I haven’t been really good with keeping this blog running in 2016… well, I can always try to be better in 2017!!

To make the long stories short:

– climbing a big mountain early this year (Taranaki, 2518m – starting from 950m),


Climbing in the fog… until 2000m high, where we came out of the clouds!


To have an idea of the slope of Mount Taranaki… and all in the scree! But we made it to the top!


On the drive back to Auckland, we stopped for a walk along the beach the following day to see the three sisters

– volunteering at the longest water slide in February,


Looking after the slide during the day, and got to slide down in the evening!

– exploring an underground river (cave stream),



A 45 minutes walk through the underground river, dark and cold, but fun! (actually a really good opportunity to wash up after an overnight tramp)

– going to a concert in the opera house in Sydney,


Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house, while in Sydney for work!


The opera house outside and outside!

– exploring Auckland surroundings (Waiheke Island, Rangitoto Island, Waitakere Ranges, Hunua Ranges…) and further (Pirongia, Kariori…)

IMG_0479 IMG_0689

Omanawanui track and Mount Zion track, Waitakere Ranges

IMG_0649 IMG_0877

Mount Eden in Auckland Duder regional park


Tawharanui Regional park


From Mount Kariori, Raglan

IMG_0006 IMG_0013 (1)

Tree climbing in Woodhill forest


Kitekite falls, Piha, Waitakere Ranges

– playing paintball


Looking proud and ready

IMG_0317 IMG_20160127_070747

Paintball is painful

– going on a sailing trip with my brother for Easter (yes, and feeling sea sick…) – but going on an Easter egg hunt on Motuihe Island 🙂


Schnaps on it’s way to pick me up… and enjoying the family egg hunt!

– growing my hair from really short to… longer!


– celebrating my 30th birthday…


– moving house in July


Packing a van

486105508 IMG_0661

Our new place for now… with a fire place!

– playing a couple of handball tournaments

– learning how to taste & drinking wine with Bob Campbell

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Wine tasting course

– participating in a mud race with colleagues


Pretty dirty at the end!!

– travelling to Christchurch for work a couple of times and enjoying the weekends there.

– becoming New Zealand Residents


Resident visa in the passport!

– experiencing muddy tracks in Pirongia for a week end

IMG_1211 IMG_1212

IMG_1217 IMG_1225

From Pirongia Summit, Hamilton for an overnight stay in the hut

– learning the NZ anthem and singing it in Eden park stadium – watching the all blacks for the first time in real

IMG_0905 IMG_0910

IMG_0917 IMG_0953

All Blacks vs Wallabies at Eden Park!

– baking beer cakes


Cakes in shape of beers

– getting a new car (diesel and manual!!! yea!!!) and selling our Apteryx… (too big for us now) we got a ford focus!

– finishing my second pair of socks, after I started them more than 2 years ago…



– and tramping for another 4 days for Christmas! (pictures and description to come in a next article…)

One thought on “News of 2016

  1. Happy to read something about you and fast all in 2016 !
    Très bel et explicite résumé d’une année bien remplie… l’essentiel ou presque y est-il ?Merci pour les sensations suggérées, au fil des photos et légendes, pour avoir ravivé quelques souvenirs ; bravo pour ton chef d’œuvre tricotistique !

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