Santiago week 4 & Travelling plans – from 12/11 to 19/11/2012

Not much to say about this last week, I thought I would have HEAPS of time to get bored… ok, I barely had time to write my blog, and to get ready for my next adventures…

We had a few parties at home, and one was the ”rally de la habitación” which consisted in preparing a typical drink and food in every room of the house ! It took us more than 4 hours to get through all the rooms, and the mix of small foods, and a lot of different drinks was really interesting !

The first room…
The last room (almost! no picture in the last one)

And we had another party, I had a chance to bake some proper cakes for Alex’s birthday !

The moelleux au chocolat with a sugar/vodka icing
The roll cake filled with mousse au chocolat !

The weather was really warm last week, between  30 and 35 degrees at day time, but the night is dropping to 15-20 degrees, so it is totally alright ! It is pretty exhausting to go shopping in the middle of the day… but at least the nights are balancing !

About my next plans :

Tuesday 20th of November (tomorrow !!), I will travel to Peru with a french friend, Camille. We are flying to Iquique (north of Chile), bus to Arica, Tacna, Arequipa, Cusco, Machu Picchu (around Sunday 25th) , Puno, Tacna, and back to Iquique on Thursday 29th of November.


Trip to Peru

Camille will go back to Santiago and I will go to San Pedro de Atacama for 10 days, and most probably I will take a tour to Bolivia for a few days.

I will be back to Santiago on Thursday the 13th of December.

I will have internet probably every day or so, and I will have my Chilean phone with me, and there are a lot of chances that my french phone is gonna work in Peru and Bolivia !

See you !

6 thoughts on “Santiago week 4 & Travelling plans – from 12/11 to 19/11/2012

  1. A peine avons nous lu de la dernière peite expédition, te voilà remplissant de nouveau ton bagage ! Sois curieuse … et émerveillée, certes, mais aussi fais toujours bien attention à toi !
    Bisous d’un ciel d’automne tout bleu !

  2. It looks like you have looot of fun in Chile 🙂
    I hope to see loooots of pictures from your trip!! Very interesting to read what’s happening 12.200 km away from München!
    Enjoy your trip to Peru 🙂
    and keep writing!!
    ¡Que te diviertas! Que te vaya muy bien.

  3. Apparemment, il y a de l’ambiance collective, entre deux destinations du sud vers le nord. Notre boussolle a du mal à suivre : au revoir Puerto Montt, bonjour au Matchu Pichu.
    Bon voyage au pays des indiens et du temple du soleil (cf Tintin, of course). Prudence : les tremblements de terre et les éclipses peuvent se reproduire.
    Grosses bises. François

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