Santiago, week 5 – from 10/12 to 17/12/12

For a start, welcome back to Santiago, the noises, the people, the cars… and I finally got a chance to record for you the alarms of the cars that are part of our life all the time (every hour or so), that I told you about in my first article. Yea, people told me you get use to it, but it is like dogs, I can’t get use to them hanging around everywhere, and barking for nothing all night…

So here it is : (click on the orange button)

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We had a few plans for the end of the week,  anyway they all involved resting and getting out of Santiago.

We (Petteri, Alex and me) decided to go south of Valparaiso, on the coast, on a “secret beach” that a friend of Alex adviced us. So we got up early on Saturday morning, took a bus to Valparaiso, and an other bus to Laguna Verde. We hitch-hiked a bit and walked to reach a beach : “las docas”, which obviously was secret for other people :-/

So there were probably 20 other tents on the beach on Saturday, but it could have been worse, not too much noise from each group! Anyway all the noises were covered with the noise of the waves ! There were huge waves, splashing, it was really nice!

We napped the whole Saturday afternoon, got wood, lighted the fire, ate choripanes, drank the wine we brought, and went to bed.

Sunday morning, after 10 hours of sleep, we went out of the tent when the sun was getting on the tent and it was too warm inside. We moved on our towels outside of the tent, ate breakfast and layed down for the whole morning. We walked a bit on the beach, on the rocks, lighted the fire up, had more food, packed up everything and walked back to Laguna verde to catch a bus to Valaparaiso.

The secret beach Las Docas
The secret beach Las Docas
Not that secret... :-/
Not that secret… :-/
but an amazing sunset
but an amazing sunset
and great choripanes
and great choripanes
bye bye the beach...
On Sunday, bye bye the beach…

Really relaxing week end! And we got a maximum of sun (a bit too much for some parts which we “forgot” to cream :-/ (my right foot, my right shoulder; Alex’s back; Petteri’s left thigh…)

But now we are getting ready for the next trip!

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  1. Je ne sais plus où donner de la tête, d’un blog à l’autre, les propositions sont vraiment alléchantes, dépaysates, tentantes… j’arrête là, mais, simplement : merci d’être fidèle du reportage, pour ces instants uniques. et : bisous !

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