A bit of time at home, in the Alps

My first week at home wasn’t really at home because I went around to catch up with friends !

After that, I rested a bit, and re-discovered the area and the local animals…

Pointe Marion
Discussion with a cow
The snow is not that far !
some Chamoix (a lot of !)
The shy Mont Blanc under the clouds… ๐Ÿ™

As it wasn’t enough to see all that and I was a bit frustrated to not really see the Mont Blanc, I decided to do something else, a bit bigger… (thanks to my aunty Claire who had the idea!) and to get my revenge…

So we went to Passy, next to Chamonix, a bit closer from the Mont Blanc (that you can even see from the highway, but it is not as beautiful as from higher…), and we started our hike.

We arrived at the Pormenaz Lake a bit later, after meeting cows in a little stream, some marmots in the rocks, and after ckimbing a funny – steep part with ladders and chains.

marmot !!ย (if you can’t see it click on the picture !)
Lac de Pormenaz

As our legs could keep walking/climbing, and as there was no view of the Mont Blanc, we decided to keep going to the col d’Anternes, which is 2257 meters high, after a break with water and biscuits and dried fruits ๐Ÿ™‚


We crossed a kind of a plain, to arrive at the cottage of the area, that you can stay overnight if you do for example the GR5, ย long track around the Mont Blanc !

The refuge / cottage, with a little bit of the Mont Blanc

And we started climbing again…

We stopped to look a other marmots playing in the grass and holes in the ground… and we also stopped for a while to watch some bouquetins in the cliff. It sounded a bit weird, probably a baby one was scared or stuck somewhere in the middle of the cliff… ๐Ÿ™

bouquetin in the cliff… (if you can’t see it click on the picture !)

And after a few minutes, some crows where flying in rounds above the cliff, they probably heard the one “crying” because he was stuck or so, and they were just waiting that he falls to have a fresh lunch !

All along the way up, the track was open on the valley, and everytime the Mont Blanc was a bit more visible…

We stopped a few times to contemplate this huge white mount ๐Ÿ™‚

And eventually, on the top !! : a ridge of few meters wide, 2257 meters high, to have a great view from both sides…

The beautiful majestic Mont Blanc
The valley on the other side, the lake hidden in the bumps somewhere…

Do we go down to the lake to have lunch there ? yea… we are not here for nothing ๐Ÿ˜‰ 20 minutes later we finally reached the lake (Lac d’Anterne). It is the biggest mountain lake of the area !

The lake, evntually, because we couldn’t see it before the last curve !
Lac d’Anterne
A bouquetin, down from the cliff, pretty close… they are not afrais, their “safety distance” is 5 meters
The Mont Blanc, (=white mount, in case you didn’t know what the name means) on the way down
L’aiguille verte (= green peak) (in white) and the Aiguilles rouges (= red peaks) (in grey) … :-/ yea funny names… after the Mont Blanc, they got drunk probably… with Gรฉnรฉpi !!

We also met some sheeps on the way down, definitly not as much as in New Zealand, but still sheeps ๐Ÿ˜‰

And the last view before we went down to the car park, after 7 hours spent in the mountain…

Bye bye Mont Blanc ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next step, after I got rid of my nasty cold, I will get ready to leave Thursday next week (27th) !!

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