El niño… and my adress

Could anyone call this el niño and tell him to go away for the next 4 months ?? or if you have his phone number, it would be really kind of you to give it to me…

So, to explain a bit : I arrived on Saturday, and since then it is really cold… like 3 layers on at day time, scarfs, hood or warm hat, under 3 blankets at night with windows closed…

I went on Monday to the tourist information center and got informations about hikes to do around Santiago, that I can go with a bus and not too expensive. The guy gave me some tips and maps, and also add at the end that I should not plan it if the weather stays like that… he checked the weather forecast and said anyway better not this week :-/ and he add that it is “el niño” at the moment so it means a cold and rainy summer.

Of course, I asked him when that el niño was supposed to go away, and he stared at me for a second, like I came from another planet, and answered that it is one year long… usually it is la niña, but this year it is el niño (roughly every 5 years)… if you want, more informations here.

So here we are, I am in Chile this year, with a cold and rainy summer coming ! After my amazing summer with not more than 18 degrees in Finland, I have the coldest spring in Chile 🙂

Actually today is not too bad, I went a bit walking around after the spanish class…

The huge river, the city, and you can try to guess the Andes behind !


A few informations about how to contact me :

My postal address is :


So, if the post in South America works good enough, I am waiting for letters, or postcards… 🙂

My french mobile number does not work. It worked in Miami, and after that I could not manage to get a network here in Chile, so, since friday evening, if you tried to reach me it was impossible 🙁 and it is still impossible.


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