First plans in Santiago

After a full day of resting, eating, sleeping, and a full night, we were ready to move on Sunday !

We had a jump in the freezing cold roof-swimming pool of the hotel on Saturday night… just for the picture 😉

very short swim in the roof swimming pool !

I will give you my adress when I am sure about how to write it (post code and stuff…)

Alex brought me to the city, to discover a bit. I thought it was a lot, but on the map, everywhere we went wasn’t really far… :-/ so there is still heaps to discover !

Now, my plan is to take Spanish classes everyday, 4 hours per day, for the next 2 weeks (at least). And it is starting in… half an hour !!

Hopefully I will be able to be good enough in Spanish pretty fast that Ican go and discover the Contry by my own !!

2 thoughts on “First plans in Santiago

  1. Alors, bon courage et plein d’enthousiasme pour ton apprentissage ! Salutations au Sud, à ses étoiles et à tout… Bisous

    1. Les étoiles….oula, j’avais oublié, ça… la ville est un peu trop lumineuse pour voir quoi que ce soit !!! ce sera pour un peu plus tard 😉

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