Santiago de Chile (UTC -3:00)

Arrived after the last 8 hours flight ! Need a shower and sleep and proper food and everything is gonna be better 😉

It was 7 degrees when I landed at 7:00, nice spring 😉

I will tell you more about my plans and where I gonna live in the next post 😉

Chile is at the moment UTC -3:00 because it is supposed to be -4:00 but we add one for the  Daylight saving time. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Santiago de Chile (UTC -3:00)

  1. moi aussi, je suis bien contente de te savoir rendue. L’aventure commence, j’ai hâte de voir tes photos de la Cordillière.

    1. oui bah va falloir attendre un poil pour des photos où on voit vraiment quelquechose…. parce que c’est vraiment pas evident d’avoir des jours sans “smog” (fumee/brume)

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