Sunset, sauna…

This time you can have some pictures of the sunsets from the car park of the construction site… it was pretty nice !

The first sunset
Another evening

With Christina and some friends of her, we went to a public sauna one evening. It was awesome, specially the part that the sauna is next to a lake… and of course, a frozen lake !

The sauna was warm up with wood, and you can go 15 people inside, so pretty big ! You can seat on different heights : there are 4 different steps. Higher you seat, warmer it is… and people through the water on the stones from the last top step… surprising but interesting !

Now, about the frozen lake… they cut a large hole in the ice, and installed a boardwalk from the sauna to the water hole…
We had to try it, of course ! So here we are, going for a “swim” in the pretty cold water !

Ice hole after the sauna

Eventually, I received the slats of my bed 2 weeks after I ordered them… It was in a huge box, that I had to bring back home with the bike !

But it was good that I met a German guy on my way on Friday afternoon, and with my spare bike, he helped me to bring it home ! 🙂 Thanks Alex… it was a pretty good challenge to carry that for 1,5 km (and to not get lost because I had to go back to the supermarket ’cause I forgot something…) !

So, now I have a bed, a real one, I can actually sit on my bed and not just on the matress on the floor… that is a huge difference !

my new bed !

5 thoughts on “Sunset, sauna…

  1. Quel courage de se glisser dans de l’eau gelée après un sauna ! Je ne sais pas si j’en suis capable ! Enfin c’est a faire ! Super expérience…
    J’espère que nous aurons trouverons le moyen de te rejoindre pour assister a un coucher de soleil en Finlande, c’est superbe…
    Merci encore pour les shots. Nous n’avons pas encore testé mais nous trouverons bien l’occas’ !
    Gros gros bisous de Grenoble
    Véro and the family

    1. Ouep pas facile, mais c’est super cool à faire !
      Ce serait sympa c’est sur si vous pouvez venir… par contre il ne faut pas espérer un vrai coucher de soleil en plein été… 😀
      Bonne dégustation 😉
      Bisous à tous

  2. Bonjour Froginette.

    Beau partage que tu nous offres!

    Moi, je te félicite également de ton courage. Comme je t’ai dit dans quelque de mon postes précédentes sur notre propre Sauna, nous sortons dehors – jusqu’à 30 degrés Celsius. Depuis le sauna chaud se sent merveilleux.

    Je te souhaite une agréable journée!

  3. Hey love,
    The sunsets look gorious!! The collers are so bright, beautifull.
    And the bed looks good aswel, hope your bear is happy with it 😉
    So funny and wierd you walked into Alex, what’s he doing there? 😛

    Love ya!
    Xx Suus

    1. Hey !!! Yep it is beautiful… hope you ll see that soon 😉 Bruno is really happy yea, thanks for asking ! I have no idea what Alex was doing in Rauma, but it was a good timing 😉
      XXX Cya soon !!!!

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