Arrived to Rauma

After a long day in airports and planes and buses, I am now in Rauma, I met Sanna, my “roommate” when she came to pick me up at the bus station.

I will tell you more about everything later; I am tired and need to sleep!

Please remember that here I have one hour more than you in France (and if you are not in France when you read that… just calculate yourself 😉 )… So, don’t wake me up at midnight cause it will be “just” 11:00pm for you!

I still have my French mobile number, for texts only, I won’t answer if you call me and I won’t receive the mms neither because it is expensive. But you can send to me loads of texts, for you it will be the same price and I won’t pay anything to receive them. And I will be able to answer to texts ‘cause it is not so expensive for me!

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