Leaving France

The question of the last days was: will everything fit in my suitcase? Err no, and the really first question was: do I have a suitcase big enough to move to Finland?

Hell, no! The biggest one I had was only 97 liters… and it is not enough when you move to Finland in winter! So, I decided to buy a new one. A huge suitcase, 130 liters…

To prepare my stuff, I had 3 piles:

–          the things I really have to take with me,

–          the things that would be great if I can take them,

–          the things that I could take if there is some space in my luggage.

I put all of the first pile in the suitcase, great!!! I managed (I don’t really know how) to close it, and I weight it… wooooo surprise, 32 kg!! It is way too much; I am allowed to have 23kg, and one luggage with the plane ticket that the company booked for me.

So, I checked the prices for extra kilos, and for an extra bag. That was 45€ to have 9 kg more and only 30€ to add an extra 23kg bag. Sweet! Choice is done, I am going to fill my 75 liters backpack and pay for that at the airport!

I managed to take with me all the first pile of things, and a bit more than half of the second one, that’s good! Because I took 3 books, my knitting stuffs, 3 jackets, my sport clothes and shoes, a lot of warm underwear, jeans, my new computer, my sleeping bag, my camping mattress, my favorite tea, a bottle of rum (I heard that alcohol is very very very expensive there…) some cards games… and plenty of other stuff ! And I also plan to take my guitarlélé with me!

Here we are, it’s time to go, everything is ready!

My huge suitcase, my bags, my guitar and my little friends (Olga, Piri, Krtek and Takk)

But the question is: What is the final weight of my suitcase and my backpack?

Yea I know, again, another game… but it is the only one I found for now!!! I will find some more…

Thank you dad that you dropped me off this morning at the airport (so you can’t play to my game, sorry) and to visit Geneva with you was good, even if I knew how to lose myself in this town already… I didn’t need you to show me how to do 😉

But I had plenty of time to buy my Dragibus Haribo (because I have sore ears in the plane) and to go to my plane!

8 thoughts on “Leaving France

  1. Moi je dis 23kg pour chaque bagage ! tu rajoutais tes petites choses, bagage sur la balance, jusqu’à atteindre la limite !
    Les dimensions de ta valise ne t’ont pas posé de problème finallement?
    Allez, courage, tu es bientôt arrivée ! bisous

  2. Like Véro, I think your luggage was full ! And I know that the company accept 23,9 kg at the maximum in fact, so probably weight luggage was around 23,5 kg (it was the case for us when we moved in Sweden !). I hope your travel was well ! Enjoy your first days in new country ! Ziboux

  3. I would say :
    – 21.7 kg for the suitcase
    – 20.3 kg for the backpack
    – 650g for your little friends
    Thanks for the news, and all the best in Finland !

  4. pfff! tu m’obliges à chercher dans ma lointaine mémoire de vagues souvenirs anglophones et surprise! je saisis l’ensemble de ton commentaire: non, on ne te réveillera pas à minuit, parce qu’on dormira nous aussi. Tout ce que je veux savoir pour l’instant, c’est si tu es contente de ton installation et si tu n’es pas trop dépaysée par les températures. Je te rassure, on a eu une accalmie hier mais c’est reparti dans le négatif aujourd’hui.

    1. Et ben c’est super si tu comprends ! bon il y a une astuce pour le lire en français plus ou moins correct, c’est clic droit et “traduire en français” sur le texte que tu veux, ce serait peut etre plus confortable des fois 😉 bisous

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