Moving to the freezing north….

Here we are, why an other blog, because I am back in France ?

Not for a long time, of course, I am moving again, to Finland  !

For a job this time :

I will work in Olkiluoto, and live in Rauma, in a big flat… with a room mate !

I will be an Occupational Health and Safety Officer on the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, for a german sub-contractor of Areva (french company). The company I will work for is about coating and painting, and about the building of the Unit 3 of the Nuclear Plant.

At the moment, the weather in Rauma is : -7 degrees , with the wind chill of -15 degrees…
The sunrise is 9:03am and the sunset is 4:30pm. Not too bad !!

See you when I get there, I am flying on February 9th (Thursday), from Geneva to Helsinki, and be in Rauma around 10pm !

2 thoughts on “Moving to the freezing north….

  1. I understand all you write, but i’ll be write my reply in frensh.
    Alors que je commençais à me familiariser avec les noms et les mots maoris, voilà que tu nous proposes de nouvelles découvertes… c’est le moment de tester chaussettes polaires, guêtres, moufles et snood…
    Bonne route et bisous !

    1. Merci ! Bien sûr que tu peux répondre en français… oui tout le matériel sera testé, j’en parlerais sûrement d’ailleurs un de ces jours… en attendant ça va peut être déjà servir ce week-end vu ce qui est annoncé… bisous

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