Spring is coming… maybe !

A bit more stories about my life in Finland…

I can’t really talk much about my job, because it’s a nuclear power plant and I am not supposed to say anything about it 😉

But I started to learn German, speaking with my colleagues, with internet vocabulary lessons and even Alex helped me last week!

I am in a German world more than in a Finnish one!!

I will try to start the Finnish language lessons middle of April!

The 8th of March, it was the international women’s day : the Germans took it seriously, the 3 girls in the office got some flowers !

Frauentag !

Alex arrived the 9th,  for 10 days, so we have done some visits around…

We went to the visitor center of the nuclear power plant, where we learned a lot of things about where the Uranium comes from, how do they use it, there was a huge part about the safety aspects, the control of the units…

The nuclear power plant, Olkiluoto

There was also a really interesting part about the “waste”: the used Uranium is placed under the ground, in huge bedrock caves, and on site, so there is not a lot of transport of nuclear waste.

We also had to ride a bike to turn on a light, a fan, a drilling machine and a beater… That needs energy! (in legs… 😀 )

Riding to produce electricity

On Sunday end of afternoon, we went to the public sauna near Lappi. So another few times in the frozen lake!

Ice swimming

Bruno has a new hobby: he likes clothes… so he had pants on one day, and another time he wore a boxer short…

Bruno wears pants and boxers…

We also tried so eat the local fish… once it was herrings, and another time it might have been smoked salmon…

Fried Herrings

We tried to visit the “old Rauma”, the center of the town. We took the bikes, and it was pretty quick…next time I have to visit Rauma it will be walking, otherwise it is just half an hour… 🙁

Old Rauma

We had a dinner with Rudolf the reindeer… Sorry but Rudolf was in fact ON the pizza, in small dices…


We went walking around the seaside, the harbour, the beach…

The see

We also had some feuerzangenbowle (red wine + spices + sugar cone + rum 54%…  🙂 )


We had the chance to see a ice hockey game of the Lukko (Rauma’s Team)… was interesting ! And we won !

The Lukko - Blues Game

Spring… we are in spring now… haha, first spring day, it was snowing!! Strong enough that everything was white the next morning!

Snowing for spring !

About the weather, something that I discovered in Finland: I always thought it could not snow under -5 degrees Celsius… but in Finland, it is snowing when it is -10 or less !

and it was really snowing outside...

Bruno, after one month here, had a hard day yesterday: He had to have his shower! He didn’t like it at all, he was crying, screaming (I would think he is Hobbes’ cousin…)  But now he is happy and smells good !

Bruno in the washing machine

And Froginette also tried to be a bit more Finnish… (not finished) because all the girls here have teinted hair, so i have done my part 😉

Froginette with dark/red/purple hair 😉

4 thoughts on “Spring is coming… maybe !

  1. Thanks for the news ! I was a bit surprised by the photo of the sea, I always expect some waves and… liquid water.
    But probably Hobbes would prefer the frozen sea. Anyway he almost had a heart attack seeing a teddy friend in the washing machine, so please, warn sensible little tigers not to read your blog, it costs us too much in hospital afterwards !! Didn’t Bruno call the SPP ? (Société de Protection des Peluches – Teddy bears protection association) ?

    1. I am so sorry Hobbes… but you understand that Bruno have to smell good he we wants to live with humans… so you have to wash yourself… andIi didn’t want to put him in the shower… specially cause he you have need so much time to dry !! The washing maching was quicker, and Bruno was back in my bed the same day !! so, no need to call the SPP ! 😀

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