Spring, second try…

As you will see on the pictures, Spring is not really here yet… we have some longer days, from 6am to 9:30pm, but its not really warmer ! Ah yea, maybe a little bit : last week, at work, I was walking outside on the site and I surprised myself with my jacket open… I checked the thermometer afterwards and realised that it was +2,5degrees ! So I guess that living in Finland makes everything which is above zero feeling warm !

It is still winter !

I started a little bit of growing here in Finland, I hope that will grow well in Summer ! For now it is not that good… for some of them its hard to get out of the seed !!


And other hobby is cooking… Yea, every week end I have so much time that I cook… lasagnas, goulasch, cookies, kanelbullar, pancakes, chocolate cake, salty cake, cookies (yep, again!), tiramizu…

Pancakes for breakfast

Last week end, Imke arrived. She is my new flatmate ! Now we are 3 girls living in the flat !
We had a Feuerzangenbowle (my first one by myself) to start the Easter week-end.


I also tried some red wines here, it is really expensive but still, a glass of wine sometimes is really good ! I found some australian wine, it was alright 😉 I liked the sign on it, that’s why I bought it !

Oz wine

It’s Eatern time now, and we had a bonfire with some people from work, around their house in the middle of the forest… The wood was a bit green, and they had to put some fuel on the wood to start the fire better… 🙁 a little bit less charming, but the point was the fire was really warm after a while and it was really good to drink beers and local vodka shots (with blueberries taste) around !

The bonfire

And Easter is about chocolate, of course, Bruno, Olga, Piri, Krtek and Takk had a egg hunt in the bed this morning ! They found the 10 chocolate shapes and I will eat them ! (that is a good game 🙂 )

The egg hunt

Happy Easter everybody and don’t eat too much chocolate !

One thought on “Spring, second try…

  1. nous sommes solidaires au niveau température, j’ai remis les jupettes au placard et j’ai ressorti les caleçons longs, beurk!. Dis donc, tu vas tout manger ces oeufs? tes petits potes à poils ne pourront pas t’aider, attention à l’enveloppement indésirable autour de ta jolie silhouette… Mais bon, il faut des calories pour combattre le froid, c’est bien connu, ça ira pour cette fois.

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